It All started when...

A refugee from Cap Haitian, Haiti met a woman from Jacmel, Haiti in Miami, Florida. Together they brought me into their world, their first and last. The daughter of a pastor and an educator, I spent my childhood playing hide and go seek beneath church benches and pulpits, and role playing ESOL scenarios for Haitian immigrants in my parents' classrooms as their little assistant. When I got a little older I was permitted to be a ballerina as long as my grades were aggressive and I didn't wear my leotard in public (HA!). Yea, I had a strict upbringing, but always with love. So much love. Anyway, college came calling and I ditched the ballet slippers and managed to stuff in a theatre minor alongside my major in Psychology (premed track) at the University of Florida. After graduation I traveled to NY and CA to train in theatre and film, while doing commercial modeling in Miami. It's been quite the journey, and I am so thankful to be an adult who still plays, an artist with insatiable pangs for knowledge and new experiences and the opportunity to share my story.


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